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Flat Rock Brook Nature Center is a 150-acre preserve and education center situated on the western slope of the Palisades in Englewood, New Jersey. The Center was established in 1973 by citizens who were deeply committed to land conservation and environmental education.

One of the last remnants of the Palisades Forest, the preserve is managed by the Flat Rock Brook Nature Association. Its purpose is to maintain and preserve the lands under its supervision as a natural sanctuary for plant and animal life in our urban area and as a natural environment available to the public for trail walks, nature study and other passive recreation.

We provide environmental education programs for schools and the general public in order to generate understanding and appreciation of nature and to instill a sense of responsibility and knowledge of the means to protect the natural world and its resources for future generations.

A network of self-guiding trails leads to a cascading stream, wetlands, pond, wildflower meadows, quarry cliffs and woodland. The diversity of the natural landscape allows our members to observe a remarkable array of birds and other wildlife in their natural habitats.

Flat Rock Brook trails and picnic area are open free to the public every day from dawn to dusk. Visitors are requested to respect the land and its natural residents, to take away only memories, and to leave behind only faint footprints.



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3rd Annual 5k Run in the Wild
August 10, 2014 - Rain or Shine
At Flat Rock Brook

Enjoy a run on Flat Rock Brook's Trails

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Summer Campers learn about animal tracks before heading into the woods to see which animals they can identify by the footprints left behind.

A Bit of the Bard

A delightful day at Flat Rock Brook. Excerpts from Shakespeare's plays as well as music and dance from the period were enjoyed by those who attended.



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27 Garden in the Morning


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